What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

Miami Based Custom Jewelry Design

The accessories you choose to wear say a lot about your personality, so why are you still buying generic watches and jewelry when you could be customizing them to really say something about who you are? Jewelry pieces become family heirlooms that tell us stories about their original owners, thus connecting us with our ancestors. A watch is also a piece of jewelry that is practical at the same time. And unlike other accessories that we change every day, such as a purse or shoes, a classic watch or item of jewelry can be worn daily, to any occasion, be it casual or formal. That’s why it’s even more important to choose the right watch or jewel. And more often than not, the perfect piece for you does not already exist. Luckily, it’s possible to have it made, just as you imagine it.

Choosing the Right Jeweler

Once you’ve decided to have your jewelry custom made, you have to find a jeweler that you trust and that understands your personal style. At HR Watches, we’ve worked with many jewelers and the difference between a well-experienced jeweler and a novice can really be noticed in the quality of the final product. There are also many jewelers out there who try to take advantage of you. A good jeweler will really work with you to find out about your lifestyle and your personal tastes. He will be meticulously involved throughout the entire process—he will show you various sketches and models to ensure that your piece will come out perfect.

Not Just a Piece of Jewelry, but a Piece of Art

Miami is a city with a rich tradition of fine jewelry crafts. It has one of only three jewelry districts in the United States. With so much competition, it’s clear that this is the place to be for the best quality in custom jewelry. Yet with such a wide array of options, it’s easy to get lost or confused. Elan Aburos is a master jeweler with over thirty years of experience in the field. He is the man to see for custom jewelry in Miami. He pays attention to every stone and every detail to make sure that your jewels are absolutely divine. Elan Fine Jewelry offers custom jewelry Miami designs, as well as jewelry repairs and jewelry engraving services. It is really one of your best bets for jewelry in Miami.

Add the Icing: How to Customize your Rolex Watch

Rolex Customized With Diamonds
You already have your Rolex. Everyone has seen it, some are impressed, the rest are jealous. Now that you have your basic Rolex you can’t help but think it could be better customized to fit your unique personality.

You’re right; your Rolex has much more potential. Please allow HR Watches to help you decide which additions are right for you with this overview of common customizations. Nearly every exterior part of your Rolex can be personalized.

The dial can be replaced with one of your favorite color or something flashier like platinum or gold. If that isn’t extravagant enough for your dial you can also have the hour markers set with precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or even diamonds. Have the markers set with your birthstone for added individuality.

Adding diamonds to Rolex watches is very common. One way to customize your Rolex and make it pop is to set a ring of diamonds around the dial. Another approach to get others to really notice you is to replace your original bracelet with one of 18 karat gold and set with diamonds—if gold is not your style there are also platinum and white gold options for bracelets and dials.

Where to Buy

All this talk might be enough to make you want to buy a pre-owned Rolex if you don’t already own one just to get a chance to customize it. Remember that you can buy used Rolex watches for less online—avoid jewelry retail stores and pawn shops that will try to sell you used watches for more than they are worth, taking advantage of uninformed consumers. Your internet connection allows you to break free of the old retailer-customer relationship. Shopping for Rolexes online is the best way to see all the options and find the right watch for you.

Finding the Right Rolex at the Right Price

How to Sell a Used Rolex Online

Here’s how I was able to sell my used Rolex watch online.

If you need to sell your rolex watch, do what I did. Do not pawn your luxury watch. It is smarter to find someone who will trade your rolex or buy it for a fair price. You see, timepiecebuyers.com can find a buyer for your watch directly. Pawn shops on the other hand, sell the watches to a wholesaler who then sells it to a retailer who the sells it to the consumer. You can imagine how much they need to discount the price so they all can make a profit.

When you get someone like Time Piece Buyers to buy you Rolex, you can rest assured that they will give you a fair price because they own the business, they sell used rolex watches themselves, and dont have to divide their profits amont 3 different people.

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